WANG LAB Where Machine Learning Meets Single-Cell Genomics

The rapid progress of single-cell genomics over the past decade has established an important technology foundation for systematically understanding diverse biological processes such as development and tissue homeostasis. These technologies include high-throughput single-cell RNA sequencing, cellular lineage tracing with DNA barcoding, and single-cell multi-omics. As these technologies are being integrated to provide richer and more detailed information at the single-cell level, it remains a challenge to effectively extract quantitative biological insights from such large datasets.

As a team of computational and experimental biologists, we seek to systematically and quantitatively understand cell fate choice and tissue homeostasis by integrating measurements across different modalities at single cells. To do so, we carry out single-cell multi-omic lineage tracing, where we simultaneously measure lineage barcodes, transcriptome, DNA methylation, and chromatin accessibility in single cells. This provides us with the unique opportunity to systematically understand the relationship/regulation between different modalities, and how they collectively contribute to cell fate choice and tissue homeostasis.

We are also actively developing new lineage tracing methods that could have broad impact in future studies. Please check out our publications. We also welcome talented and highly motivated individuals to join our team!